Sam Chaparro

Meet Sam, the tattoo virtuoso whose needle prowess is as diverse as a Netflix queue on a Friday night! Neo-traditional is Sam's love language, sprinkled with a dash of tradition and a pinch of black and gray realism – it's an inked-up symphony.

When not turning skin into a canvas, Sam is knee-deep in waders, fly fishing with the finesse of a ninja, or crafting fly patterns like a seasoned wizard. But wait, there's more! Sam's off-duty adventures include conquering RC rock crawlers with style and channeling the inner detective with a metal detector in hand.

Oh, did we mention that Sam's ears prefer podcasts over music? From unraveling history's mysteries to probing the unknown realms of aliens and conspiracies, Sam's auditory journey is as eclectic as the ink creations in the studio. Welcome to Sam's inked universe – where tattoos are serious, but life? Life is a hilarious, mysterious podcast waiting to be explored!

Instagram: @blackfintattoo


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