Bryan Ezola

Bryan, a.k.a. "mouse" has been with Big Deluxe for 22 years. He’s been a pivotal part of the Big Deluxe family, currently serving as the manager and boss. He started his journey as a body piercer, showcasing his passion for body art. Over the past decade, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of tattooing, becoming a skilled artist and a respected leader at Big Deluxe. Beyond his managerial role, Bryan is not only known for his distinctive denim and hat style but also for his genuine desire to create meaningful body art experiences. With a decade of tattooing expertise, Bryan invites clients to consider him for their next tattoo or offers assistance in connecting them with the perfect artist at the shop. His commitment to creativity extends not only to his craft and unique fashion but also to ensuring clients have a personalized and memorable tattooing experience at Big Deluxe.

Instagram: @anonymousetatoo


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